Rhiannon Minor


I'm finally completely motivated to finish my degree and thanks to my husband I am able to. My plans are to transfer to a private 4 year institution (hopefully Loma Linda University or USC) to complete a Bachelors degree in Nursing, with plans on continuing into Anesthesiology.

Currently I am a stay at home mommy to a 15 month old, very active, little boy named Wyatt. I was previously an Executive Assistant and have danced and modeled my whole life. I am beyond enjoying being home with my son and overjoyed that my husband has agreed for me to.

I have taken a few online classes before and have very much enjoyed them. I recommend them to anyone who very well self motivated. I am open to study groups and are more then happy to host as well. My house is totally baby proofed (sometimes adult proofed) so if you are a mommy or a daddy and the kids need to come, they are more then welcome to.

City/town:Rancho Cucamonga
Interests: Being a mommy, finishing my degree, dancing, reading